Corian Shower Installation in Urbana, MD

In your lifetime, you will spend a lot of time in the shower. So, it might as well be a place you enjoy. With a custom designed Corian shower, you can have the perfect blend of style and durability. Designer Surfaces Unlimited can install a high-quality Corian shower in your Urbana, Maryland home.

Benefits of Corian Showers

In recent years, Corian showers have grown in popularity. This is due to their many benefits when compared to other shower materials. 

Firstly, they are non-porous. This means there are no small spaces for bacteria, soap scum, and hard water to collect. Furthermore, the installation process is groutless and seamless. All in all, this means your Corian shower will stay cleaner for longer.

Corian is also extremely sturdy. If needed, you can use more abrasive chemical cleaners. That being said, in our 30-year history, we’ve never encountered a stain on Corian that can’t be handled with normal cleaning products.

Finally, your Corian shower can be uniquely suited to your style. The material comes in an array of colors and patterns to choose from, alongside the custom pans we offer in any size and color.

Since 1990, Designer Surfaces Unlimited has provided skilled installation services to Urbana, Maryland. We are the local Corian experts that you can trust. 

Say goodbye to your old, dirty, ugly shower, and say hello to a timeless Corian shower that will last for many years to come! Call Designer Surfaces Unlimited today.