Granite Countertops in Rockville, MD

Since 1990, Designer Surfaces has provided the residents of Rockville, Maryland, with high-quality granite countertops. 

We have an unparalleled installation process that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied with your product. We work closely with our customers from beginning to end ensuring you get exactly what you want. 

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What Is Granite? 

Granite is a natural stone that is found around the world. It was formed millions of years ago when the Earth’s molten core was pushed towards the surface and cooled under extreme pressure. 

The molten lava collected other minerals along the way, which is what gives granite so many unique colors and combinations. 

Many granites contain minerals ranging from quartz, feldspar, biotite, amphibole, muscovite, and more. 

Finally, the solidified granite is exposed to the surface through seismic activity, and now it makes up many of our mountain ranges!

Why Use Granite for Countertops?

Granite is an excellent building material and can be found in buildings, sidewalks, sculptures, and yes, you guessed it, countertops. 

This widespread use of granite is due in part to its extreme durability and hardness. It ranks close in hardness to a diamond, which means it can withstand a lot of rough treatment. This makes it perfect for countertops which often see knife blades, hot plates, spills, and more. 

Another reason granite is great for your home’s countertops is it comes in endless colors and pattern combinations. 

At Designer Surfaces Unlimited, we offer over 500 color combinations! We have pieces with tight uniform patterns, as well as ones with more open flowing patterns. 

With so many options, you’re sure to find a piece that fit perfectly in your home. And to help you decide, we even have a color simulator where you can visualize different pieces in your very own home!

What Is the Process of Installing Granite Countertops? 

The entire process of getting granite countertops in your home can take several weeks. 

Once you decide to add granite countertops to your home, we schedule a visit to template your piece. For templating, we make a pattern for your granite piece using cardboard materials or using our laser templating system. 

We discuss everything with you from seam location, overhangs, and radius corners. Then, you approve our final drawing of your countertop. 

After templating, we make your unique piece of granite countertop to fit your home. By appointment, we encourage you to come to our showroom to approve and view the slab or slabs of granite that will be used for your project. 

Once your piece is done, we schedule a day with you for installation with a four hour time slot or slots. Finally, once your piece is installed, it’s sealed and ready for you to use! It’s that easy!

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